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By Angela Gutierrez, RMU Student.

After surviving another hectic work week and wrapping up finals, I felt completely frazzled! Worn out, strung out, I needed to find a way to relax. While millions of thoughts ran through my mind, nothing seemed to quite catch my attention. With loads of laundry and house work to do, I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around the idea of doing nothing. DoMainReq I dare schedule an oil change for Saturday at 7a.m? The maintenance light has happily greeted me every time I start ‘old Bessie’ for about a week and a half. That’s not too bad, right? Or should I just get my grocery shopping out of the way? I’ve been meaning to return that ugly Christmas sweater mom got me from Kohl’s.
For sanity’s sake, I decided to wrap myself up in a good book and great cup of tea. As it might not seem like much, it was my own personal moment. Many of us don’t allow ourselves the much needed attention our inner being requires. We’re all too busy with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, often leaving the most important person unattended. Yes, that person is YOU! Many of us are working a full time job. Others are parents busy make-timetending to their children while also juggling work duties. It doesn’t seem like there is much time left after tending to family, work and school. But, if there isn’t time, make time! But, when you treat yourself right, everything else seems to fall right into place.
Go ahead and treat yourself to a pedicure.

Schedule that hour long massage.

Go out to eat.

Catch up on your favorite T.V. show (as long as it’s not KUWTK; that would be a complete waste of time!)

Treat yourself to some retail therapy.

Catch up with a friend at Starbuck’s.

Or, my favorite: Take a nap!

Leave work on time; the work will be there tomorrow.

Hit the gym to burn off some of that negative energy.

Enjoy a long hot shower.

Go for the gold and have two glasses of wine (instead of your modest one.)

Go for a drive.

Catch a movie you’ve been wanting to see.

Take up a hobby, like fishing, knitting, or even writing poetry.

Take the dog for a walk.
With an endless list of possibilities, schedule time for yourself. Sometimes, taking a little bit of “me time” leaves us feeling guilty, but there is nothing wrong in scheduling “me” time. Sometimes half an hour is all you need. A healthy mind needs a healthy soul. Healthy equals happy, so go find your little bit of happiness.


By Cecelia Workman-Gonzalez, RMU Student.  

Free your mind and the rest will follow. Expressing your thoughts and being able to freely write them out on paper allows for much more than deep thinking and finger cramping. Expressive writing betters your body, mind, and soul in many ways. To write for betterment of self means to freely express your thoughts. Writing for me has allowed for me to clearly organize my thoughts that I couldn’t express thoroughly before. In a recent article it was stated “‘writing about earlier traumatic experience was associated with both short-term increases in physiological arousal and long-term decreases in health problem”. Since It clearly makes sense that writing on a regular basis makes for a healthier and happier lifestyle, more instructors should incorporate free-writing into their curriculum.

ImageWriting can help one live a healthier lifestyle. There are many styles of writing, and many things to write about. Writing about traumatic, stressful or emotional events has been found to result in improvements in both physical and psychological health. I myself am proof that this theory works. When my cousin passed away when I was only age 19, and he was 18, I had a terrible time with grieving and my uncontrollable emotions of sadness. Being able to write my thoughts and feelings out without having to explain myself to someone else helped relieve some of that pain that I was feeling. This allowed for me to accept my cousin’s death, and understand my grievance. Everyone goes through traumatic events in their life. Although not everyone will be able to relate and express their thoughts and experiences in a way to generate happiness and relief, generally speaking, writing will allow for a healthier and happier lifestyle for those who can let out those sorrows.

 Not only will writing help you life a better life, but it can also increase your intelligence. I was floored when I read a recent article about this topic. All these years I have been thinking that the only way to get ahead and expand your knowledge and intelligence was to educate yourself through college and continuous learning. Well I was right, to an extent. I have learned that writing will increase your intelligence. A study had been conducted of cloistered Nuns to prove this theory.  The ones that were into writing had a much lower level of degenerative cognitive disease when they were older. They looked at childhood writing samples and compared them. Perhaps the ones who loved to write already were functioning at a higher cognitive level and had a greater reservoir of neurons. Or perhaps the writing is what helped them stay mentally alert. Creative writing allows your mind to be free, and let the thoughts just flow out. It is almost like there is no filter on your thoughts. Being able to openly express yourself in turn increases your intelligence.

Writing on a regular basis makes for a healthier and happier lifestyle. As stated above, the students who began writing at an early age showed a higher reservoir of neurons. I was one of the unfortunate ones. I had never been assigned a free writing, or creative writing, or even a writing assignment when I was younger. Honestly I didn’t even have to do a term paper until my senior year of high school. Even then the teacher held our hands the whole way through the paper. It ended up being more of the teacher’s ideas rather than the students. From the recent articles I have read about writing generating happiness, and allowing for others to live a healthier lifestyle, it is clear that more instructors should incorporate free-writing into their curriculum.