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By Michael Stelzer Jocks, History Faculty. 

Yesterday was Memorial Day, and I am sure many of us enjoyed the long weekend by having a cookout with friends, relaxing 3419566889_18c412a73d_bwith family, or simply getting some extra sleep.  I had planned on writing a Memorial Day post for the Turtle yesterday, but I decided to wait until today (and tomorrow as well).  Since the United States has been at war for over 4000 consecutive days, I thought providing the fallen with an extra 24 hours of thought was appropriate and necessary. So, before settling into the short work week, take a couple minutes and view this quick lecture by David Blight, one of America’s great historians of the Civil War era.  In this snippet of a larger talk, Blight provides the amazing story of the first Memorial Day Celebration.  Please watch, and enjoy: