Back to School, RMU Fall 2014

Posted: October 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

by Tricia Lunt, English Faculty

It’s been quiet ’round the Turtle these days because it’s busy here at RMU. Faculty and students are back to meet the Fall 2014 term with fresh school supplies and eager smiles. Thus, I offer some observations about new scholastic beginnings, touching upon both the profound and preposterous.

1. After a quiet summer, RMU’s halls elevator lobbies and classrooms are overflowing.

2. All the faculty are here, working at peak energy, which means the office is abuzz with laments and laughter, and the ever-present sounds of copier and stapler.

3. The emotional roller coaster has already descended from the first hill of optimism and, as assignment due dates are missed, we are all collectively headed for the initial trough of dejection, with the inevitable good intention to climb the next hill, sisyphean subtext intended.

4. Got meetings? I know we do.

5. Paul’s jokes have re-emerged on his White Board; his humor seems sharper–and more necessary–than ever.

6. My 8:00am classes are earlier than ever this year.

7. Two field trips already, and more planned!

8. Next week is “Spirit Week,” celebrated with dress up days: RMU gear on Monday; favorite team of Tuesday: neon on Wednesday, and Throwback Thursday culminating in Homecoming, which means with some savvy planning, I’ll be able to wear a t-shirt every day: nice work perk.

9. Helping students engage in their own educational journeys is a puzzle I work on every day. Thankfully, I’m a better thinker when I am teaching. Someday, I’ll solve it.

10. Witnessing student enthusiasm, catching them as realize the joy of learning, is why teaching matters, and why I’m still here.

I leave you with this bit of educational ecstasy from Back to School, the 1986 starring Rodney Dangerfield and Sally Kellerman. The scene may be a bit inappropriate, but, then again, so am I.





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